User manual


To quickly learn the feature watch this short video on youtube or give a look at our expression list

With this calculator you can store sequences of operations, and use a new feature that allows you to make calculations in stages.

While typing of individual operations is shown the entire expression into a form showing attributes with different brackets and operations.

The display can show the figures in the classic style of a calculator with characters consisting of lines or dots.


During normal use of the calculator is automatically written an expression that highlights the different portions with different attributes. Once you have a result that you want to replicate, you can save it in a list of expressions.

Scalar values

Besides the usual features found in calculators, there is also a new button in the shape of steps that allows you to calculate a number obtained by applying different percentages compared to the value passed as input.

You can decide to perform the calculation in a progressive manner to climb or in a timely manner by identifying, based on the input value, what is the percentage to be used for the calculation.


In any expression you can replace the numeric values,‚Äčentered during the typing of operations, with variables whose value can be modified or calculated variables within the expression itself.


The display shows useful informations when inserting a calculation and allows you to set the number of decimal places you want.


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