Scalar values


Besides the usual features found in calculators, there is also a new button in the shape of steps that allows you to calculate a number obtained by applying different percentages compared to the value passed as input.

You can choose to have performed the calculation in a progressive manner to climb or in a timely manner by identifying, based on the input value, what is the percentage to be used for the calculation.

For example, we have:

Up to Use
0,00 0,00%
10.000,00 3,00%
50.000,00 7,00%
100.000,00 13,00%

In the calculation, if we type the number '70 .000,00' on the display and then press the button we will get the following calculation:
10.000,00 x 3% +
40.000,00 x 7% +
20.000,00 x 13%

In the calculation "on time" instead it would use only the 7.00% to calculate the result which will then become:

70.000,00 x 7%

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